This page is awaiting update

We plan to update this page soon, some information may be outdated or missing.

Who are we?

We are a small group of only two technology veterans that aim to make something of a successful business. In this bustling market we think we’ve found a gap. Linux is a fairly lesser known operating system and we think we can use that to favour a larger number of consumers than previously possible with our combined minds and expertise we think making simple scripts and executable packages in order to make the OS more user friendly is a great way to start. We also offer a small selection of other services, detailed on our website.

We started from humble beginnings brainstorming our ideas for years before we actually decided to give this a shot going through everything from party hosting to streaming and uploading to YouTube before finally settling on this idea.

We’re not going to go into all out details on what we have planned for the future ( that’s what the Blog posts are for 😉 ) and we’ll be keeping you updated every step of the way as progress is made

Here’s to a successful 2020.

Meet the Team!

So you’ve seen us updating the page but we thought you might want to actually get a grasp of the owners of the company so here’s a little rundown for each of us.

Brandon P

Hi everyone! I maintain the server our website is run on, and help with builds, repairs, etc behind the scenes. I don’t usually deal with customers directly, but if you get through to me I’ll help as best I can!

You can read more about me over on my personal site!

Brandon G

Hi there I’m the other Brandon of this partnership I mainly handle the visual side of the company logos etc. as well as helping out with the day to day tasks such as website maintenance and builds I’m also getting more into the software side of things so I can be of more use when it comes to the OS based side of business

Where we’re based

When sending devices in to us, or writing letters to us, this is the address you should use. Please don’t visit us here, as the building is shared between several business. For this reason, please also ensure to address your letter to Star Technology or Brandon P / Brandon G. Thank you.