What Happened to S-City Tech?

Effective from 3rd August 2020, S-City Tech ceased all trading and began to close it’s affairs.

Unfortunately, the reasons behind this decision can’t be publicly discussed in detail. All that can be revealed is that one of the founding partners took actions that were unbecoming of his position.

The remaining partner then decided to voluntarily withdraw from the partnership, which (according to the Partnership Agreement) requires the disbandment of the partnership.

What Happens to My Data?

All previous customers of S-City Tech can send an email to S-City Tech and request an export of their personal data until the 31st August 2020. Upon this date, all data on the systems will be securely deleted (excluding this splash-site).

Important Information

There is some important information regarding S-City Tech:

Thank you for being a customer of S-City Tech! We wish you luck in all future endeavours.