We’ve almost finished the transition from our old Wixsite

A quick update about the transition from our old Wixsite, and some important notes on Backdated posts

Good morning, all!

Just a fairly quick update today, we’ve finished adding all twenty-six blog posts from our old Wixsite as backdated posts (posts who’s dates are listed as published before this website was created) for legacy purposes.

All of these posts are timestamped with their original publish date, with their original title and contain the original content. The only modifications made are as follows:

  • The categorisation system is different between our new and old websites, so the posts may be categorised slightly differently
  • All backdated posts that are from our Wixsite are additionally categorised as ‘Backdated
  • All backdated posts are preceded by an orange note stating that they are backdated

Which brings up an important note: ANY post which is categorised as backdated MAY contain information which DOES NOT apply to this new website, for example old coupon codes, pages, etc. So try to double-check the information contained in a backdated post before relying on it.

However, fear not those of you who like our old design – it’s not going anywhere just yet! We’ve still got some pages to complete on this site, some bugs to squash and so on. Until this site is entirely completed, our old one is going to stay right where it is.

That’s all for today, folks! Stay tuned for more updates on our progress.

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